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Our vision is to be family of Christ-like believers influencing others into a deeper relationship with God causing transformation.


Faith Family Church is home to Latter Glory Ministries. We are a family of believers in Christ Jesus the Lord. We are individually and corporately know Jesus Christ the Head, as Lord and Savior and are related to one another as children of one Heavenly Father who has birthed us by His Holy Spirit. We continually press on towards transformation into Christ-likeness and seek to actively to affect our fellow men with the knowledge of Christ Jesus in a deeper and eternal way.

Sunday 4th January 2004 saw us have our first have our first Sunday gathering. But our official launch happened on Sunday 4th July 2004. Our doors are open to all that seek a genuine individual or corporate spiritual experience solely grounded in the Word of God.


What we live by

“As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the Glory of the LORD.”

Num. 14:21
At Latter Glory Ministries Christ Jesus the Lord of Glory is the Head and we also strongly believe in
the guidance of the Spirit of God through prayer and the Holy Scripture. The ministry was birthed as
Apostle Dennis was waiting on the Lord in prayer and fasting in a period of intense seeking of God.
While patiently waiting on the Lord, he got a visitation from the Lord who revealed to Him the name
of the ministry.
The ministry was officially launched on Saturday 1 st July 2000 with the mandate of calling God’s
people to return to Him. As well as rising up an end time army for the Lord in that will accomplish
the great commission with His fresh mighty anointing. Latter Glory Ministries is also commissioned
to minister to the love of God to the hurting world; loving the unloved, helping the helpless, teaching
the Word of God to the unlearned, caring for the neglected and carrying the message of healing
across the land.
Our mission as a ministry is to stir up believers in the area of revival. We also look to equip the saints
of the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry by aiding them in discovering what God has called
and ordained them to do plus also empowering them to accomplish it. All to the Glory of the Lord.
“And the Glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the
mouth of the LORD has spoken it.”

Isaiah 40:5


What makes us strong