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pr. dennis kasirye


Dennis Kasirye is a passionate Ambassador of Christ. His yearning is to see individuals get to know God more and surrender even more to Him.

He accepted Christ at the age of 10 and since then attained a deep need to know God. At that age with his deep relationship with Christ he began to preach in his community specifically the Jinja Referral Hospital and that is where it all began.

Dennis flows in the apostolic and prophetic calling which has been accompanied with signs and wonders.


He’s mission is to influence leaders and believers who will influence nations. He is passionate about seeing and helping nations fulfil God’s dynasty and work into their dynasty.  (1 John 2:6).

Dennis Kasirye is the founder and president of Latter Glory Ministries which he founded in the year 2000 and a senior pastor of Faith Family Church, currently based in Kampala Uganda.  (Haggai 2:9).

He is also the Founder and President of The Salt and Light Global Movement whose mandate is to awaken and deepen the understanding of the Kingdom of God.

The Lord has sent him to a number of nations including Italy, Canada, Denmark, USA carrying the message of revival. He has also been specifically called to cause a revival fire especially in Taiwan. He is regarded as an apostle to the Chinese people.

Dennis Kasirye is married to Carol Kasirye and together have 4 wonderful children and reside in Kampala Uganda.

pr. Patrick Karugaba

Pastor Patrick Karugaba is man of God serving as an administrative pastor at Faith Family Church.

He is passionate about Leadership Development.

He is a former chairperson of the professionals’ board of medicine laboratory technology of Uganda and has also been awarded best practice in laboratory medicine Africa by the African society of laboratory medicine.

He is married to Dr. Patience Karubaga since 2009 and together have been blessed with 4 beautiful children.

Pr. Solomon Ssebinyasi

A man of God, who has been called to reveal the reality of God to those who are in his reach through prayer. He desires to rub on God and whoever gets in touch with him to be able to experience the same. His Christian life is inclined to prayer and total yielding of self to the presence of God.

He is passionate about prayer, agriculture and animal husbandry especially rearing birds; he draws that from his academics’ background as an agriculturalist.

He is married to Lillian Sebinyasi; and together have a daughter.

Pr. Ruth Atukunda

Atukunda Ruth is the associate pastor overseeing the Ntinda discipleship center.
She is a public health specialist working on a consultancy basis in the area of health including health research and quality improvement for health services.


As an associate Pastor, Ruth oversees Ntinda Discipleship Center which is a satellite fellowship; she is also the overseer of the Single’s ministry at FFC; leader of Levi Tribe and also helps with administration functions. In this role, Pastor Ruth has supported in church strategic planning; organising programs for the singles; providing Pastoral oversight to members in Ntinda and FFC.
Pastor Atukunda Ruth joined FFC in 2004 and has gained experience in leadership as well as engaging communities especially in the area of health. As a health professional Ruth has supported both National and international organizations in the area of improving health service delivery through providing trainings and technical assistance to health workers.

Pr. Andrew Kisaka

Pastor Andrew Kisaka is a servant of God serving as an associate team pastor at Faith Family church.

Since he joined the church 17 years now, He has served mainly as an in charge of the prayer department, overseeing, prayer while also giving some oversight to other departments.  He has seen his growth from being an available minister to becoming a leader of different fronts of the youth ministry within Latter Glory Ministries and Faith Family Church. He is currently serving as one of the ordained pastors.  

His dynamic style and motivational lifestyle and wisdom has encouraged, edified and provoked those that come into contact with him.


His passion is to stir up the passion of the church after the Lord and to make Christ known that others will get into a deeper relationship with Him. With a passion of revival, he continues to stir up believers for more in God.

Having given his life to God as a young boy, he grew up churched until his high school days, when he made a radical step to follow God as a first priority. Here then his ministry begun its conception while in school and he begun to sense God’s hand on his life.

He yielded his life to the calling of God while at the university 18 years ago, and today he gives his worthy time to the ministry. 

The Impact of Pastor Andrew’s ministry has been heartfelt in the circles of universities, schools and churches within the city of Kampala and around the country and Rwanda.

In 2006, he got married to his dear wife Diana Kisaka who is also a formidable team member in the ministry and God has blessed their union with 5 wonderful children that are already serving the Lord. 

Pr. Aloysious Kibirige

His heart goes out to the lost, coupled with a desire to see revival and awareness of God given purpose in individual believers, churches and nations. He is a preacher of the gospel, teaching the word and prophecy.

He has been a minister with Latter Glory Ministries since 2002, reaching out to communities within and outside of Uganda.

Pr. Aloysious oversees the evangelism and interpretation departments, supervises the tribes of Manasseh, Zebulon and Simeon and administers the maintenance works at the Church.

He is married to Margaret Kibirige since 2006 and together they have 4 lovely children.