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Project Description


But Jesus said, allow the little children to come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Matthew 19:14

We believe no one is too young to follow the Lord for the Lord desires our young ones to know Him and follow in His ways. Our children’s church is dedicated to seeing that our children are trained and raised in the way of the Master. We desire to see the Faith and Love of Christ built in the heart of every child as they walk confidently in their destiny.


The children are classified into different age groups in order to minister to their various needs including:

  • Challengers (5 years and below)
  • Champions (6 years and 9 years)

Bible class (10 years and 12 years) Children’s Ministry aims to be in deep love with Jesus strong in faith and ready for action through equipping children in genuine experience of God’s love, a strong faith in who God is and boldness to walk towards their destiny. Objectives of the department include:

  1. Causing children to genuinely experience the Holy Spirit so that they can know the love of God
  2. To know the Word of God so that they can develop a strong faith (Rom 10:17)
  3. To know the call upon their lives and walk boldly toward it (Phil.3:14) Children’s Ministry structure leadership is coordinated by a coordination team that is supported by the pastor.

Children leaders for the various groups are also identified to support the activities in the classes. Volunteers are also included to support the ministry activities. Children’s Ministry programs consists of different programs aimed at achieving the vision and objectives.

These include; Conducting children’s worship services, Planning and organizing children’s ministry, Plan and conduct Trainings on how to raise children, Hold music practices and training for children aimed at building talents, Bible study, Conduct children’s payer days, Conduct children’s day out (children have fun)

Mrs. Joy Kintu

Head of Children’s Department