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Project Description


And when they had sung a hymn, they went out into the Mount of Olives.

Mark 14:26

Singing songs of praise and adoration is a common occurrence in the Holy Scripture. Our gatherings are no exception to this scriptural norm. Emphasis of all music at Faith Family Church is not the song in itself but on the value of the one to whom we sing. Pouring out our lives in song before Him is just one of our avenues we worship the Lord Jesus. All musical gifting and expression is guided under this department for the Glory of the Lord.


Dr. Hillary Alima

Music Director

Music department leadership and composition: The music department has the music director who over sees the instrumentalist head, choir leaders of the various choirs and tribe system worship leaders.

FFC music teams include:

  • Faith Family Worship team: Diana Kisaka – Worship Team Leader

  • Divine Comfort Choir: Lillian Ssebinyansi – Divine Comfort Choir Leader

  • Youth Worship team: Mitchell Ayinebyoona – Youth Worship team leader

  • Children’s choir: Gracie Tendo & Mr. Lawerence Ssekibaala

N.B: The department ensures that the different strata in our congregation are able to participate in the great call to worship God in spirit and in truth. Church member’s worship life is further built through the support of the tribe worship leaders who ensure that the members are knowledgeable about worship and lives live lives of worship as described in [Romans 12:1-2].

Mentorship program: This program aims at training church members in worship and playing various musical instruments. Music ministry membership: The music ministry has values and rules that guide church member on how to join the music ministry. Individuals are encouraged to contact the various choir leaders is they want to be part of the music ministry. Secondly different church leaders including the tribe leaders are encouraged to identify members that have a gift in Music. These are then seconded to the music ministry leaders and supported on how to develop the gifts.