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Our membership is divided into 12 groups named after the 12 tribes of Israel mentioned in Revelation 7 that is; Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph and Benjamin. So every new member joined to us is easily followed up and discipled. The purpose of tribes model is to build a strong foundation in the word, enhance discipleship and build leadership amongst the church members.

What Tribe Leaders Say...

Issachar Tribe

Various individuals within the Tribe faced challenges that tested our strength and called up our learning in discipleship. Through these challenges, individuals experienced God’s intervention in their lives. People were able to assess the state of their spiritual health, and grow deeper in their personal walk with God.
Denis A

Judah Tribe

Last year, we set out we set out to build a tribe financial base. Members contributed a set amount of money monthly depending on an individual ability. Doing this consistently helped in easily meeting tribe activity related costs including those for Expo 2019.
Patience K

Manasseh Tribe

We had a gap when a number of our members left church, but through evangelism, new members have joined. We are grateful to God that we are now stable and we are looking forward to consolidating this stability and to aligning ourselves in the Kingdom of God.
Robinah. A

Naphtali Tribe

Through our consistent quarterly prayer breakfast meetings, members grew in the church pillars of prayer and fellowship. Pastoral care was further extended to members through scheduled visits and phone calls, thus keeping touch with the spiritual state and well-being of members, and keeping prayer watch over them.
Micheal. K

Zebulon Tribe

We on an individual basis pursued more of God especially with a desire to find purpose. As such, there is outward evidence that members have learned to relate with God more deeply and personally. Soul winning has also been and still is a passion that consumes us. Corporately, souls have been registered, but also individually, members were added onto the fold.

Simeon Tribe

Times of get together, visits have contributed a lot to the unity of the tribe. We have become more accountable and brothers keepers. Discipleship and evangelism have awakened members and won others to the Lord.
Maria. T

Asher Tribe

We thank God for the opportunity to serve through the tribe system. As a leader, it has given me an opportunity to learn different aspects of leadership such as teamwork, believing in people, and being exemplary, among others
Hope K

Joseph Tribe

We have grown in God and into each other. It has been a time where God has brought success to many of the members building testimonies to some in what appeared as challenges. There has advancement in many members careers through educational advancement and others work and both.
Solomon. S

Benjamin Tribe

We have seen members grow and participate in ministry at church and as various members stepped up to lead the tribe in different aspects. There is a strong sense of belonging among all our members and every member is seen and heard.
Rogers. L

Levi Tribe

As a tribe, we have made great strides in seeking, knowing, and growing in God. We've kept in touch with every single individual and seen increased participation in church activities and ministry.
Stella. M