the battle for dominion

By Andrew Kisaka


In these days, everything is building up to its maximum and fullness. the Character and potential of every good and bad thing is coming out into the open to put its mark on history. The levels of distress and danger human kind is in has risen to the red light markings. the pressure from many sides especially from a fallen world system(Babylonian system) that is about to reach rock bottom and that pressure from the powers of darkness to assault the hearts of men to increase the gap between them and God has escalated enormously.

Now we are in a battle for freedoms! All types of freedoms in different spheres of life are being sought by men. Many are tired of the long serile ages of slavery and are taking desperate measures to taste the airs of the freedoms they seek. The greatest of these freedoms and the one that has been sought longest since the fall of our first parents has been a spiritual freedom. Man know that spiritual freedom is the beginning of all other freedoms and vice versa, spiritual slavery is the root of all forms of slavery .

Bringing it even closer, spiritual freedom at a personal level is of great value. I say this because one of the things that will be taken away from the global populace either by those who seek to control the system or the powers behind them is the right to personal freedoms. The system at a global stage wants to own eerything so that they can control the outcomes of the future. your work, family, entertainment, religious life , economy and livelihood is all being sought out in a way inorder for you to be dominated.

Many of these dynamics are having a direct and indirect impact on the spiritual walk of majority of believers. The system has proved to be very lethal to the spiritual health of many. It’s clear that believers have found themselves in a work system, educational system or even social systems that are strangling out the life in their spiritual walk.The church didn’t see this pressure coming, neither have we been prepared enough to know how well to thrive in this hostile worldly enviroment just like Daniel and his three friends did.

The believer has been called and set apart for a life of Dominion in the spirit. A life that has attorney powers from the Highest Government and a clarion mission for the whole world. It is from this understanding that if you really think about it, the believer in Christ is the most outstanding creation or should be the most outstanding in Earth and Heaven.

In this battle of dominion, its sad to say that as God’s master piece, we the believers have given up too much from our postion, or probably we haven’t been educated enough about our Identity in God. life is throwing it’s venom at us and all we do, is exactly what they( the world) also do .

Heaven is looking on us and signaling to us to jump out of the clutter and the mess of life. God is pleading with His Bride to separate herself from the commotion, He is marshalling up His Army out of the civilian affairs. God is calling us out of the Babylon systems and culture. He is ready to arm us with weapons of dominion so that we exemplify His life and Government on earth today.

Are you going to accept the call to your spiritual place of dominion?

Can you free your spirit from the babylonian influence of the world today? see the way it has affected your lifestyle, your belief system and character.

see how your relationship with God is threatened because of the worldly system you are entangled in.

In my next post i will share how we can keep ourselves above this dominating worldly system