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The ministry birthed from a series of God’s dealings with his servant Dennis Kasirye, through a series of tedious processes of transformation.

Latter Glory Ministries is here to minister to the love of God to the hurting world;

Loving the unloved

Helping the un-helped

Teaching the word of God to the untaught

Caring for the uncared for

Carrying the message of healing across the land

We have the mandate in these last days of rising up end time ministries which are to carry a fresh mighty end time anointing across the land for accomplishing the create commission:

Ministries that are not going to compromise at all with the world and the world systems,

ministries of integrity

Ministries that are going to walk in the holy ness of God.

Ministries whose FOCAL POINT is JESUS CHRIST – the Holy of Glory.

Ministries that are going to make a difference in the corporate world.

Ministries of prayer and the word of God

Ministries of power full of the Holy Ghost

Ministries of the “hour”

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