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Faith Family Church (FFC) is open to all that seek a genuine spiritual experience solely grounded in the word of God. The church has been in existence since January 2004 when the first service was conducted.The Lord spoke to Apostle Dennis Kasirye about creating a home in Kabusu, Rubaga, Kampala, the current location of the church. The main purpose of Faith Family Church was to have a place where lay people and ministers could be nurtured, trained and discipled to impact their areas of influence.  Through the years, FFC has grown to include a number of departments, ministries, numerous leaders and a congregation that has more than tripled in size.

The vision

FFC’s vision is to be family of Christlike believers influencing others into a deeper relationship with God causing transformation.

The pillars

The pillars of the foundation of the church are prayer, worship, the word, fellowship and discipleship.

The core values of FFC

Love, Honor, servant hood, Integrity, Accountability and Humility

Leadership structure

The senior pastor maintains spiritual and administrative oversight for the church. The senior pastor is supported by the pastoral team, the administration team, heads of departments and tribe leaders. These form the core leadership team of FFC and are authorized by the senior pastor to carry on the work of the ministry in line with the church vision, mission and values.  These leaders are accountable to the senior pastor and ultimately to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Every leader is expected to live a holy, exemplary, and blameless life and to exhibit a high level of maturity in dealing with fellow leaders and lay members of the congregation.

Church programs

Sunday worship services, special services, Mid-week services, Discipleship cells,  Baptism and Dedication, Evangelism, Tribes events, Marrieds and Singles meetings, Church outings, Praise and worship rallies; prayer over nights; prayer patrols to mention but a few.

Phone: + 256 392175191
Faith Family Church
Uganda Kampala