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The singles ministry is part of Faith Family Church and includes dynamic born again women and men that are not yet married. The ministry aims at building an army for the Lord in our time, serving him, walking in his righteousness and letting others know the Lord through their life style.

Singles leadership structure: The singles fellowship is over seen by a coordination team responsible for organising and coordinating activities. The coordination team consists of leaders for different groups including single mothers, single women and single men

Single’s programs including the following among others:

  • Conduct meetings to addressing issues that affect different groups e.g. single mothers, single women, and single men through mentorship, counselling and sharing experiences/testimonies.
  • Over the years the ministry has conducted fellowships and seminars to empower and encourage members in the Lord.

We share some singles’ experiences below: Some singles were asked to respond to their experience living as singles.  We share some of their experiences below:

What is it like to live as a Christian single person?
Living as a Christian single person is one of the good things that can happen in one’s life and it’s simply because one is not limited to the extent they will love and serve God. One gets the opportunity to do exploits for God without hindrances in terms of activities that are so demanding like family and children. One’s concentration on the things of God and their personal development spiritually, emotionally and financially is at the highest peak. It’s really fulfilling to live as a Christian when one is single.

What are some of the challenges?
Some challenges rotate around social life especially when you see your age mates getting into marriages. There is always a temptation to feel like it’s not worth waiting on God as a Christian and this may lead to desparecy and thus ending up with the “wrong” person for marriage. Also if one doesn’t keep themselves in the company of other believers, they may just continue having the title ‘Christian’ but not having spiritual development.

What helped you go through this?
Keeping myself in fellowship and in the company of other Christians has greatly helped me to stay on track as a Christian. Being accountable to my Pastor and other Christian friends has also helped me to stay focused. I had to avoid certain company of people whose focus was not God, His word and prayer. Of course I have work mates/colleagues who are not Christian centered but I had to draw a line up to what extent I allowed them to influence me in order for me not to lose my position in God.

What advice do you give to other single Christians out there?
I just encourage them to have their priorities set right. To distinguish between things that are eternal from those that are not. Once a clear definition has been made, there will be no problem in living a Christian single life. Have the right company of friends who will help you to focus your life in the direction that leads to your destiny in God. Always be accountable to one or two people who will help you do the right things and make the right decisions in life.


The Marrieds fellowship is aimed at providing a platform for the married in FFC to share experiences and sharpen one other in order to build strong marriages according to God’s original design. The Marrieds fellowship headed by volunteer couples with oversight from the Pastoral team.  This fellowship takes place once every month in the home of a volunteer couple.

There is also support for single people that are getting into marriage through counselling.