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Twelve Tribes

As a church, we realize God is seeking true shepherds who will take care of His flock and feed them adequately because His heart is burning with compassion for his people.
God also wants to raise true disciples, able to disciple others. Because of this aspect in the heart of God, the 12-tribe strategy was spirit birthed as an effective way to realize God’s desire. As a church we have employed this strategy to fulfill our vision.
The church is divided into the twelve tribes of Israel according to [Revelation 7:5-8]. Each church member belongs to a tribe. The primary objective is to watch over and take care of the members of the church as the leaders give an extension of the pastoral ministry. This involves, feeding them spiritually and being there for them in all things. The other objectives include:

  • Effective follow up of any member of the church through the delegated leadership.
  • Conduct prayer watches as strategy to cover the church, city and nation in prayer.
  • Conduct evangelism in tribes to facilitate the numerical growth of the church.
  • Identification and growth of the spiritual gifts of the members through weekly tribe ministry in the church.

Every tribe has a tribe leader and assistants to oversee all tribe activities. The leaders are also supported by secretaries, treasurers, evangelism, worship and prayer leaders. The church leadership oversees the ministry of the tribes through the Tribes coordinator and their assistant.

Tribe activities: All tribes are mandated to carry out different activities for spiritual growth and pastoral care under the leadership of the tribe leaders who work hand in hand with the department heads to ensure harmony. These activities are coordinated and reported with the help of the Tribes coordination team. These activities include but are not limited to; conducting prayer watches for the church, family and nation, evangelism and soul winning and weekly tribe ministry for the identification and development of gifts and talents of tribe members.

Tribe identification: Tribes are uniquely identified by colors selected by the different tribes as described below:

Name of Tribe Colour of Tribe
Reuben Red
Simeon Brown
Levi Purple
Judah Orange
Issachar Yellow
Zebulun Maroon
Gad Pink
Naphtali Green
Manasseh Grey
Asher Gold
Joseph White
Benjamin Blue